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Civil Rights Litigation


From accusations of police brutality to allegations of governmental negligence, civil rights violations are all over the news today. Whether someone violated your rights or you’ve been accused of violating someone else’s, our Civil Litigation Practice Group is prepared to help.

Our civil rights attorneys have successfully represented individuals and police officers in civil rights litigation involving allegations of police misconduct, municipal liability, or corrections officer misconduct in violation of state or federal statutes or constitutions. With these matters, our attorneys have experience on both sides of the courtroom.

What Is Municipal Liability?

City, state, or other local governments are responsible for the safety of its citizens; this includes keeping roads, buildings, sidewalks, parks, public pools, and other government-run facilities in good working order and free of hazards. Governmental entities also are responsible for the proper training of their police officers.

Municipal liability cases might occur if an individual is injured on government property as a result of negligence or improper maintenance. Municipal liability might also result if a person is injured through police misconduct.

However, in some cases, government agencies are immune from such lawsuits. Because this area of the law can be rather murky, it is always best to contact a lawyer for guidance on how to proceed.

What Is Police or Corrections Officer Misconduct?

Police misconduct refers to any illegal action taken by an officer in the line of duty. Allegations of police misconduct can include:

  • police brutality
  • racial profiling
  • bribery
  • false arrest
  • intimidation
  • falsification of evidence
  • witness tampering
  • unwarranted searches

…and more. Though some of these actions may be settled by disciplinary actions, in many cases they can lead to a miscarriage of justice. In that case, an individual may file a suit against the police officer in question.

A slightly lesser-known relative to police misconduct is corrections officer misconduct, which can include some of the same violations as listed above. Some of the most common claims against corrections officers include the use of force, sexual misconduct, poor medical care, and race discrimination.

Our Civil Rights Attorney

Steve Justice is a former judicial clerk for the Hon. Nathaniel Jones of the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. In that capacity, he gained valuable experience with civil rights litigation involving alleged police misconduct or municipal liability. On behalf of injured individuals, Mr. Justice successfully prosecuted civil rights claims against police officers and communities in Southwest Ohio, and he has defended police officers against frivolous claims asserted by individual citizens.

If you believe your constitutional rights have been violated, contact us for legal assistance.