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Employment Law


Understanding the law and carefully navigating employment contracts can be a minefield of legal action. Employers and individuals regularly face tough employment-related decisions including hiring, firing, layoffs, employee discipline, leaves of absence, promotions, compensation, employee complaints, harassment and diversity training, and drafting and revision of employment handbooks or policies. And once those decisions are made and contracts are drawn up, problems can still arise. Because employment law is a labyrinth of thousands of regulations, judicial decisions, and state and federal laws, navigating it can be quite confusing.

At Dungan & LeFevre, we help individuals and small and mid-sized businesses handle all matters related to compliance with employment laws and regulations and the litigation of workplace disputes. We help companies and individuals avoid mistakes when it comes time to make those tough employment decisions, and we offer advice and counsel to employers as they attempt to manage the relationship between employers and employees in this complex regulatory environment.

Legal Disputes Covered by Employment Law

Despite carefully worded employment policies, contracts, and best practices, companies and individuals regularly deal with claims of discrimination and employment litigation involving:

  • race, gender, age, and disability
  • religious discrimination and harassment
  • retaliation
  • Family and Medical Leave Act violations
  • breach of contract and/or non-compete clauses
  • misappropriation of trade secret or proprietary company information
  • intentional interference with contractual and business relationships (tortious interference)

…and various other employment-related causes of action.

When these claims arise, Dungan and LeFevre’s attorneys have the necessary experience to handle the claims. Our attorneys have successfully litigated employment-related claims before state and federal agencies and in both state and federal courts.

Our Employment Law Attorney

The attorneys in our firm who handle employment matters are Steven Justice and Michael Scarpelli.