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Environmental Law


During your regular business day, you manage or oversee many issues related to finances, human resources, operations, strategic planning, and more. There are so many things to think about in the normal course of business—you don’t need to worry about an environmental lawsuit, too. But if your company processes involve any sort of waste generation or disposal—for example, heavy industrial manufacturing, chemical production, or even dry cleaners or printers—there are many environmental laws that you need to be aware of.

Whether you’re facing pending litigation or trying to establish good practices to comply with regulations and avoid legal action, you need an attorney who is well-versed in environmental law to help you navigate the process. Dungan & LeFevre provides litigation, regulatory advice, counseling, and dispute resolution services for companies and individuals related to local, state, and federal environmental laws (e.g., CAA, CWA, CERCLA, EPCRA, FIFRA, RCRA, TSCA).

Environmental Laws

Dungan & LeFevre’s experience with environmental law spans both civil and criminal matters as well as administrative proceedings, including matters that involve:

  • chemical releases to air, water, and soil
  • proper handling of solid and hazardous waste
  • environmental assessments and investigations
  • environmental insurance
  • toxic tort suits
  • real estate/ Brownfields transactions
  • defense of occupational exposure claims
  • underground storage tanks issues
  • waste water treatment
  • medical and infectious waste
Our attorneys also have extensive experience with class action lawsuits involving toxic torts, medical monitoring, trespass, and nuisance related to chemical contamination of environmental media (e.g., soil, water, air, biota).

At Dungan & LeFevre, we also take a proactive approach by making an effort to understand our clients’ businesses, which enables us to offer advice that helps our clients avoid environmental and regulatory problems before they arise.

Hire Your Best Defense

Steven Justice is the partner in charge of our environmental practice. Mr. Justice gained 15 years of experience in environmental law as a partner with a large regional law firm before joining Dungan & LeFevre. His environmental experience spans many states, including Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Georgia, Florida, West Virginia, and New Jersey, and both federal and state courts.